STUDIO KAWAII- Comic, Manga& Illustration
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Studio Kawaii is the artist name of the team formed by Ana and Mercedes, Spanish twin sisters that have been creating manga-style comics and graphic novels for over 15 years, with published works both in Europe and USA. 
Our first works were published in Spanish manga and anime magazines, like “Dokan” and “Minami”.
Our first internationally punlished work was “Treasure”, our first full-length graphic novel (two volumes), published in the USA by Yaoi Press, Ltd. and later in Germany by “The Wild Side”.

We've also worked for several Spanish publishers such as Mangaline, Nowevolution and Neomusic.

Currently, we work as freelance illustrators, comic artists and videogame character designers for several companies and private customers as well as on our personal project "The Soul Chaser", an online comic available on Tapastic.com.

We usually work with our own comics and illustrations, but sometimes we do the inking and colouring part for other artists. Also, if you need give your script shape into pages and panels, just contact us!



Colorist, scriptwriter, community manager

Main colorist/screentoner


Community manager



Main artist, penciller, inker

Main artist and final art supervisor

Penciller and inker, digital and traditional

Additional dialogues and lettering in comics


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