STUDIO KAWAII- Comic, Manga& Illustration


Please read these carefully!


Are you currently available for commissions?
At this moment, and unless stated otherwise, yes we are! We might have some free space for your job in our schedule. Just ask!
I want you to work for me but I can't pay you. Would you work for free/exposure?

Sorry, but unless it's for charity purposes, we can't accept your proposal :(

Please understand that we make a living on our art, which requires lots of hours of work and effort. Most of the time our schedule is very tight, therefore our spare time very limited and as everybody else, we have bills to pay!!

How much do you charge for your work?

Price will always depend on the complexity of the commission: Whether it's just one illustration or several ones, full colour comic pages or just b/w; only one character or many; without background or with a complex one, just colouring or inking and existing piece...

Urgent deadlines and our own availability at the time you contact us will have an influence on the quote for reasons stated on the previous question.

Send us and email o message and we'll talk.

IMPORTANT: Quotes will be given in EURO (€). Nor your currency? Don't worry, Paypal will easily do the conversion for you.
How long does it take you to complete a commission?

Although we always try our best to complete work in as little time as possible, it's not unusual that we find ourselves having to juggle three or four jobs at the time so it's hard to be able to give you an exact estimation.

Another variable will be the complexity of the work, (it's not the same a simple no-background b/w illustration than a 28 pages-full-colour comic, for example) AND our availability at the moment.

Please take note that your quote will be higher the tighter your deadlines are.

How can I contact you?
Just drop us an email (you'll find our address on the footer of this same page) or contact us using the form available in the "CONTACT" section.
Which payment methods do accept?
We work with Paypal, as it´s the easiest, fastest way for international commissioners.

If you don´t have an account yet, we strongly recommend you to get one; it´s very easy and secure and it only takes a few minutes.

I want you to make some samples for me to see if you're fit for the job.

Well, that's what portfolios are for. You may peruse our gallery here and also visit our gallery portfolio in Upwork.com to see if our style fits your needs.

If you still need us to make samples for you, please keep in mind we'll charge you for them, whether you eventually hire us or not.

Can I use your work for my own wallpapers, avatars, etc..?

ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY under TWO conditions:

FIRST- You must ask us for permission and, needless to say, credit us wherever you use our art.

SECOND- ONLY FOR YOUR PERSONAL USE. No printing, selling or delivering for third parties whatsoever.


Before you commission us, there are a few quick statements you should regard:

  • IMPORTANT: Quotes will be given in EURO (€). Not your currency? Don't worry, Paypal will easily do the conversion for you.
  • Please review carefully the sketches we send for your approval. Any major changes to already approved INKED and/or TONED/COLOURED works will require an extra fee (major changes for sketches are fine). Last minute changes to an almost completed piece mean extra time and effort.
  • Being pencil mercenaries as we are, there are few things we wouldn't do...However, we do reserve the right to refuse works we consider against our ethics or beliefs (hate, racism, paedophilia,etc).